How do I create and use tags?

Tags are unique values that can be used to organize your Issues to be filtered into Smart Views, populate your Analytics dashboard with useful data to track trends, and serve as a quick way to reference Issue types from the Issues feed. To make the best use of tags functionality, you need to work with your developer to establish what HS-Tags are […]

How do I edit my active tags?

We currently do not offer the ability to edit tags. The easiest way to replace an existing tag is: 1. Create your new Tag 2. Create a Smart View, OR use Advanced Search, to identify all Issues using the old Tag 3. Select all Issues in that search, then use Bulk Actions to tag all […]

Why does nothing happen when I click ‘More’ under the tags list?

When you navigate to Settings > Tag Management > Active Tags, you’ll notice that the Page reveals 50 tags at a time, and a ‘More’ button at the bottom if the list is longer. If you are seeing the ‘More’ button under the tags list, but clicking it doesn’t show additional tags, then you probably […]

How to prevent Spam with Helpshift?

Helpshift provides different methods to manage spam and to prevent the impact of spam on your organization.  This article outlines the methods available in Helpshift to manage spam: Setting up and forwarding email from your brand’s external email address to Helpshift Support Enabling the Helpshift Spam Filter Configuring the Helpshift Email Spam Prevention Tool Setting […]

How do I check incoming email for potential spoofing?

With Email and Web Form submissions, customers may try to spoof email of other users to get access to their account and exploit it. Spoofed emails can cause serious problems and pose security risks. Authentication of the Email address is one of the ways to identify the rightful owner of the account before taking any actions […]

How do Spam filters work with Helpshift?

Helpshift uses state of the art spam filter to minimize the number of email-submitted spam.  The Helpshift Spam Filter checks for the following types of spam: Spam Score based categorization of spam Virus in the attachments Known IP for Spamming Global reputation list of known spammers Content of the spam Intent of the email (Fraud, […]

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