Smart Views

What are Smart Views and how do I use them?

Smart Views are the equivalent to Views in other customer service platforms. Smart Views can be customized by Issue status, operating system, language, tags, assignee, and more. Views in Zendesk traditionally look something like this, and are easily replicable in Helpshift. By default, there is a master view for Agents that automatically sorts New, Open, […]

How do I create Smart Views?

Smart Views allow you to optimize your workflow by creating an organized list of Issues filtered by platform, app title, Issue status, assignee, Tags, and more. As an Admin, you can create Smart Views for each of your Agents. As an Agent, you can create Smart Views for your specialization, such as iOS Issues or […]

How do I create Shared Smart Views?

Shared Smart Views differ from Smart Views in that they can be shared with other members of your team. Shared Smart Views can only be created by the Admin(s) of your team. If you are an Agent, please direct your Helpshift Admin to this tutorial. Please note: the order of Shared Smart Views and Folders […]

How do I create an ‘All New Issues’ or ‘All Issues’ Shared Smart View for Agents?

By default, only Admins can see automatically generated ‘All New Issues’ and ‘All Issues’ Smart Views. Helpshift promotes a workflow where Agents work out of Issues that are either directly assigned to them, or shared by Admins using Shared Smart Views with Groups. Customers who don’t have a large, distributed workforce, but who still have […]

How do I edit or remove an existing Smart View?

To edit or remove an existing Smart View, navigate to the Issues page, click the title of the Smart View you wish to edit or remove as listed under the ‘My Smart Views’ header, then click the Gear icon that appears to the right of the title. The ‘Update Smart View’ form will appear where […]

How do I reorder my Smart Views?

To reorder Smart Views and Shared Smart Views, navigate to Issues, click the gear icon at the top of the list of My Smart Views, then click ‘Change Order.’ This will enable you to drag Smart Views and folders to a new position using the triangular icon at the top right corner of the Smart […]

How do I use Smart Views to filter web Issues by app, platform, or language?

You may notice when creating a Smart View for web Issues that if you select either Email or Web as a Platform when creating a Smart View, the drop-down to select specific apps or languages will be disabled. We’ve removed these options because we want to ensure that your Issues are categorized as accurately as […]

How do I use Smart Views to improve workflow?

Larger support teams with many different Smart Views are best served by organizing related Smart Views into folders for easy navigation for Agents and other team members. To provide the best user experience, you can create, edit, and reorder your Smart Views into folders to create a great support structure that works best for your […]

How do I organize my Smart Views into folders?

As your support team and organization grows, so will your list of Smart Views. Organizing Smart Views into Folders allows you to maintain a clean Dashboard while allowing your Agents to quickly access the Smart Views that are relevant to them. To create Folders to place Smart Views in, proceed as follows: 1. Navigate to […]

How do permalinks work for Smart Views & individual Issues?

Permalinks for Smart Views look like this: The 1-10 part of the URL is our unique identifier for the Smart View that you are working out of. If you happen to refresh the page, you will be brought back to the same Smart View you were previously working on. However, this permalink will not […]