Smart Views

What are Smart Views, & how do I use them?

Smart Views are the equivalent to Views in other customer service platforms. Smart Views can be customized by Issue status, operating system, language, tags, assignee, and more. By default, there is a master Smart View for Agents that automatically sorts New, Open, and Closed Issues. We also offer the functionality for Admins to create Shared […]

How do I create Smart Views?

Smart Views allow you to create an organized, filtered view of Issues by platform, app title, Issue status, assignee, tags, Custom Issue Fields, and more. There are two types of Smart Views in Helpshift: Shared Smart Views and personal Smart Views. Shared Smart Views can be shared with other members of your team, whereas Smart Views […]

How do I edit or remove an existing Smart View?

To edit or remove an existing Smart View, navigate to the Issues page, click the title of the Smart View you wish to edit or remove as listed under the ‘My Smart Views’ header, then click the gear icon that appears to the right of the title. The ‘Update Smart View’ form will appear where […]

How do I organize Smart Views into folders?

As your support team and organization grows, so will your list of Smart Views. Organizing Smart Views into Folders allows you to maintain a clean Dashboard while allowing your Agents to quickly access the Smart Views that are relevant to them. To create Folders to place Smart Views in, proceed as follows: 1. Navigate to […]

How do I reorder my Smart Views?

To reorder Smart Views and Shared Smart Views, navigate to Issues, click the gear icon at the top of the list of My Smart Views, then click the ‘Change Order.’ button. This will enable you to drag Smart Views and folders to a new position using the triangular icon at the top right corner of […]

How do permalinks work for Smart Views & individual Issues?

Permalinks for Smart Views look like this: The 1-10 part of the URL is our unique identifier for the Smart View that you are working out of. If you happen to refresh the page, you will be brought back to the same Smart View you were previously working on. However, this permalink will not […]

How do I use Smart Views to filter Issues by Predict label?

To create or update a Smart View to filter Issues by Predict Labels, navigate to the Issues page. On this page, click the ‘+’ button next to the ‘Shared Smart Views’ or ‘My Smart Views’ section header. In the ‘New Smart View’ pop-up, under the ‘View Issues matching the following conditions’ section, select ‘Current Predict […]

How to prevent Spam with Helpshift?

Helpshift provides different methods to manage spam and to prevent the impact of spam on your organization.  This article outlines the methods available in Helpshift to manage spam: Setting up and forwarding email from your brand’s external email address to Helpshift Support Enabling the Helpshift Spam Filter Configuring the Helpshift Email Spam Prevention Tool Setting […]

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