SDK Announcements

October 2018 SDKs

SDK Updates Native iOS SDK v7.3.0 Our latest iOS SDK supports iOS 12. It also includes a series of edge case bug fixes as listed in the iOS release notes. Native Android SDK v7.3.0 Our latest Android SDK supports Android P (9.0). It also includes a series of edge case bug fixes as listed in […]

August 2018 SDKs

Native iOS & Android SDKs v7.2.0 Conversation History for End Users Our latest SDKs provide support for a new Admin toggle that allows end users to see their past support conversations within the same device or browser. When this toggle is enabled, end users will be able to review their entire history of conversations with […]

April 2018 SDKs

Important Changes for the Dashboard & v7.0.1 SDK One of our biggest releases of 2018 has changed the way you configure and present your support experience! This release allows you to offer your mobile and web users a unified conversational experience via Admin-accessible toggles in the Dashboard. This will save your team developer resources, as […]

November/December 2017 SDKs

New Upcoming SDKs for iPhone X Apple introduced a new “Safe Area Layout” that allows iOS 11 apps to adapt themselves to the new design guidelines for iPhone X. This new layout ensures that any compliant UI works seamlessly for all future Apple devices. Our v6.4.1 native iOS SDK provides UI optimizations for this new […]

v6.3.0 October 2017 SDKs

v6.3.0 native SDKs are built to provide additional support for Custom Issue Fields! For running workflows and reports on user metadata, we recommend using this new method of implementation to directly pass through data as Custom Issue Fields into your Dashboard. Also, with this SDK, you are no longer limited to passing through metadata as […]

v6.2.0 Sept/Oct 2017 SDKs

We would like to note a number of things for you to speak to your developer about when upgrading to our latest SDKs, v6.2.0 for both Android and iOS. Deprecation of Automatic App Review Requests As a reminder, Apple has made a change to their policy on automatically requesting app reviews and ratings from end users. […]

Important changes with the release of SDK v7.5.0

We released v.7.5.0 for iOS and Android on March 25th, 2019 (View Release Notes), and want to inform you about important changes that will be part of the release. Helpshift recommends you to share this information with your developers so that they are aware and prepared for this release. All SDKs and Plugins will contain […]

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