How do I map custom metadata from Helpshift to Salesforce?

To map your Helpshift custom metadata to Salesforce fields, you must first map all of your custom metadata from Helpshift onto one singular Salesforce field. From there, your Salesforce Admin can parse out the custom metadata data into individual Salesforce fields. To set this up, first, your Salesforce admin will need to work with your […]

What is Helpshift for Salesforce?

Helpshift for Salesforce is Helpshift’s new managed package for Salesforce. It gives Salesforce users the ability to add a mobile support channel to their Salesforce Service Cloud by providing native access to a variety of Helpshift features such as live messaging, Knowledge Base mapping, and more. To get started with the Helpshift plugin for Salesforce, […]

Where can I get Helpshift for Salesforce?

Helpshift for Salesforce is available for installation from the Salesforce AppExchange. Please note that full access to the app requires prior activation from Helpshift. If you would like to start a trial of Helpshift for Salesforce, please request a demo.