QuickSearch Bot

How do I edit QuickSearch Bot?

Helpshift allows Administrators to edit the text that QuickSearch Bot uses in its bot flow using Text Templates. To edit a QuickSearch Bot, Go to Settings > WorkFlows > Bots and click QuickSearch Bot.The QuickSearch Bot page displays the number of ongoing conversations along with an option to ‘Edit’ and ‘Preview QuickSearch Bot’. Click ‘Edit’.The […]

What can I see in the QuickSearch Bot Analytics reports in Power BI?

The Bot Analytics content pack can be downloaded and added to your Power BI dashboard from within Power BI. To get this report, review the steps in How do I install or update my content pack? The three reports available in the Bot Analytics content pack are QuickSearch Bot, QuickSearch Bot (secondary), and QuickSearch Bot […]

What is QuickSearch Bot, and how do I set it up?

QuickSearch Bot is an add-on feature that can be unlocked with an account upgrade. Please reach out to success@helpshift.com to learn more. QuickSearch Bot is an AI-powered bot for your web and in-app messaging experience. It responds automatically to the end-user’s first message by suggesting as many as three relevant FAQs to help your users […]

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