Quick Replies

What are Quick Replies, and how do I use them?

Quick Replies are templated messages that Agents can easily search for and use to reply to end users. These messages include greetings, frequently asked questions, signatures, and more. Agents can easily search for and insert a Quick Reply into an Issue by using the / invocator and searching for the title of the Quick Reply, […]

How does the / invocator for Quick Replies work?

The / invocator allows you to easily pull up Quick Replies from right within the reply window on the Issue details page. The invocator pulls up Quick Replies based on the title of the Quick Reply, and not on any of the text in the body of the Quick Reply. It is best to title […]

How do I create & manage Quick Replies?

Admins and Supervisors (when granted permission by Admins) can create and manage Quick Replies for Agents to use, and folders to organize them. To create new Quick Replies, navigate to Settings > Workflows > Quick Replies. On this page, you can create folders to organize your Quick Replies by clicking the ‘+ New Folder’ button […]

How do I delete Quick Replies & folders?

To delete Quick Replies and folders, navigate to Settings > Workflows > Quick Replies. To delete a folder, click the trash can icon which appears to the right of the folder name when the folder is hovered over. A pop-up appear with a warning that when you delete a Quick Replies folder, you also delete […]

How do I see Quick Replies metrics in Power BI?

Quick Replies metrics can be found in the Support Analytics report. Open any tab, then click the expander button next to the drill down table at the bottom of the report. This will open up the drill down report into a full page view. Drag the bottom navigation bar to the right until you reach […]