Push Notifications: Getting Started

Guide: Creating Custom Push Notifications

Helpshift offers push notifications directly from Helpshift through APNS (For iOS) and FCM/GCM (for Android). If you have your own push servers and would prefer to use those to send push notifications, you can configure routing for those custom push notifications by completing the steps in this guide. 1. Configure custom push notifications in the […]

How do I upload or update my push certificates?

To upload or update your .p12 or GCM certificate, proceed as follows: 1. From within the Helpshift Dashboard, click on the Settings tab to open the Settings page 2. Scroll down to the ‘App Settings’ section in the left navigation bar, then select the name of the app you’d like to upload the certificate for […]

How do I customize toggle preview text in push notifications?

Preview text allows you to add a brief, custom intro message that will appear at the beginning of all push notifications generated by Agent replies to Issues. You can enable push notification preview text as follows: 1. Navigate to Settings 2. Under App Settings, select the app you’d like to customize push notification preview text […]

How do I identify whether a push notification is from Helpshift?

All of the notifications generated by Helpshift have an “origin” key in the payload which has a value “helpshift”. You can check for this key value in your notification receive delegate and pass on the payload to Helpshift SDK to handle the notification . Helpshift SDK will take the user to the appropriate landing screen […]

Can I modify push notification titles on iOS?

While Android allows you to customize all strings in a push notification, including title, iOS does not allow push notification titles to be modified. This means that, for iOS, the title of a ‘New Message’ push notification (that is, a notification received when the app is closed or backgrounded) will always appear as ‘[App Name] […]

Why are my Android push notifications not working?

If you’re having issues with your Android push notifications, please review the following troubleshooting points. NOTE: Android push notifications behave differently than iOS push notifications when the app is open in the background. While in iOS, push notifications will appear as banners when the app is backgrounded, in Android, the notifications will populate in the […]

Why are my iOS push notifications not working?

If you are encountering difficulty with iOS push notifications, please review the following: First, review our developer documentation for configuring push notifications via Helpshift for iOS against your setup to ensure it’s built correctly. Next, review the detailed push notifications troubleshooting list in our developer documentation. Additionally, please be sure you’ve checked that Push notifications […]

How are notifications handled by the Mac SDK?

Helpshift’s MacOS SDK does not support push notifications. Rather, it uses local notifications to inform users when an Agent has replied to a conversation. Since these notifications are local to the Mac app, they do not work if the user quits the app. To learn more about setting up notifications for the Mac SDK, see […]

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