What are the minimum iOS versions supported by Helpshift?

Our latest SDKs (7.5.0+) offer full support for 10, 11 and 12. What about iOS 9? With less than 2% of users on iOS 9, we are deprecating support for iOS 9 for SDK 7.5.0+, and shifting our focus to maintaining full compatibility with iOS 10, 11 and 12. We will need to use XCode […]

Where can I read about known SDK issues for devs?

Please see our list of known issues within our developer documentation based on your platform: iOS Android Unity for iOS Unity for Android Unity iOS Unity Android Xamarin iOS For additional assistance, please feel free to reach out via our contact page.

Can I display the new message count on my app icon?

You can call the API ‘getNotificationCountFromRemote:’ which tells you how many unread messages you have at any given moment. You can invoke that for badging from any number of places. For more details on badge notifications, please see our developer documentation for iOS.

Can I modify push notification titles on iOS?

While Android allows you to customize all strings in a push notification, including title, iOS does not allow push notification titles to be modified. This means that, for iOS, the title of a ‘New Message’ push notification (that is, a notification received when the app is closed or backgrounded) will always appear as ‘[App Name] […]

How do I set up a password for iOS Push Notification .p12 certificate?

Retrieve your certificate and download it: Set up keychain access: Once you’ve downloaded the Push Certificate from “Apple Developer Member Centre”, double click to open the certificate, which then opens “Keychain Access”. Click “File” -> “Export Items” and choose “Personal Information Exchange (.p12)” format. Select the location and provide name to export the (.p12) certificate […]

How do I request App Store reviews from iOS users?

With the September 19, 2017, release of iOS 11, Apple changed its policy around automatically requesting app reviews and ratings from end-users. This change had a direct impact on the way that review requests are made in Helpshift. The review API from Apple lets your end-users leave app ratings in the App Store without leaving […]

Why am I getting a “Built without full bitcode” crash on iOS?

If you get a crash with this error in the log on iOS for Unity, make sure the SDK is configured to support bitcode per our Bitcode support documentation. If you see this crash on a Native iOS app using Cocoapods, make sure the SDK is configured to support bitcode per our cocoapods documentation.

Why are my iOS push notifications not working?

If you are encountering difficulty with iOS push notifications, please review the following: First, review our developer documentation for configuring push notifications via Helpshift for iOS against your setup to ensure it’s built correctly. Next, review the detailed push notifications troubleshooting list in our developer documentation. Additionally, please be sure you’ve checked that Push notifications […]

Why does my iOS app crash when users try to attach an image?

There are two reasons why an app crash can occur on iOS when users tap the ‘attach’ icon in their support chat. 1. (iOS 6+) The Helpshift SDK uses UIImagePickerController, which supports portrait mode only. This means if the interface orientations supported by your application do not include portrait mask, then while choosing a screenshot […]

Why does the iOS App Store say my app supports more languages than it does?

When building your project, you’ll only want to add which languages you need, or else all of them will be displayed as supported on the App Store. Please see our developer documentation for iOS regarding this issue. If using our native iOS SDK, you’ll want to manually locate your HSLocalization folder in your project and […]

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