Integrations/REST API

How do I edit my profile avatar in Helpshift?

Although there is no option to directly edit your personal profile picture in Helpshift, our integration with Gravatar will help you achieve this. To change your profile picture, complete the following steps: Sign up for a Gravatar account – remember that you need to register with Gravatar with the email address you use to sign […]

What are Helpshift Webhooks, and how do I set them up?

Helpshift Webhooks allow you to set up an integration with a third party service based on Helpshift events. You can use the integration to enable notifications via text, email, or a communication app whenever a Helpshift event occurs. Within the Helpshift Dashboard, you can define the conditions required to receive a notification. From the Helpshift […]

How do I access my Helpshift REST API keys?

To access your REST API keys, navigate to Settings > APIs. Your keys will be listed on this page. Clicking the gear icon in the bottom right provides a space for you to add a new key. Please note that adding a new key will automatically disable the old key. For more info on using […]

API Key Management

API stands for application programming interface. Put simply, an API makes it possible for different apps to talk to one another. API keys allow for the actual interaction and exchange of information to occur between multiple apps without having to provide personal information, such as passwords. As an admin, you can safely manage these keys through […]

Webhooks for Custom Issue Fields

With Custom Issue Fields, you can categorize and route Issues based on specific classifications automatically applied by the SDK when the Issue is created. This enables you to use all of the data available to you about your users from our SDK, including metadata and Custom Data, to automatically assign the Issue to the right […]

Trello Integration Guide

Integrating Trello with Helpshift via Webhooks allows you to create new Trello boards or cards using information from a Helpshift Issue. This can be helpful for collaboration between your Product and Support teams. To complete this process, we use Zapier, a tool for integrating web applications. Zapier allows you to configure Webhooks, a service for […]

JIRA Integration Guide

Integrating JIRA with Helpshift via Webhooks allows you to create a new JIRA ticket using information from a Helpshift Issue. This can be helpful for collaboration between your Product and Support teams. We recommend being selective about the types of JIRA tickets being created from Helpshift. For example, you can create a JIRA whenever an […]

Slack Integration Guide

Integrating Slack with Helpshift via Webhooks allows you to set up custom Slack notifications for new Issues, and review Helpshift Issue details without having to leave the Slack console. This guide will go over how to notify a Slack channel about a New Issue when it is created in a Helpshift Dashboard. You can also […]

Zendesk Integration Guide

Our Zendesk Integration allows you to sync Issues in Helpshift to your Zendesk dashboard. This enables your Zendesk Agents to review and respond to Helpshift Issues as Zendesk tickets. With this integration, you can continue offering world-class mobile and web support via the Helpshift SDK, while also optimizing your workflow by providing access to Helpshift […]

Salesforce Integration Guide

Helpshift offers a Salesforce AppExchange App to allow you to manage your Dashboard from within Salesforce. This app offers the capability to invite and assign Agents and Admins; sync FAQs, Issues, and tags; respond to Issues within Salesforce; and more. To get started with the Helpshift plugin for Salesforce, please review the steps below. You can also […]