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Guide: API Key Management

API stands for application programming interface. Put simply, an API makes it possible for different apps to talk to one another. API keys allow for the actual interaction and exchange of information to occur between multiple apps without having to provide personal information, such as passwords. As an admin, you can safely manage these keys through […]

How do I add my app in Helpshift?

Apps in Helpshift represent each of the products or services you support. For example, if you have two major products, ShiftAzon (for buying travel products) and ShiftAway (for booking travel), where each product has its own website, mobile app, and branding, you should create two separate apps (one for each product) within Helpshift. This allows […]

What functionality should I test in my in-app experience before releasing it to my users?

To ensure a successful integration of the in-app experience for your users, we strongly recommend that you initially update your SDKs and Dashboard configurations as follows. Create a test app in your Helpshift Dashboard for testing out the new Conversational Issue Filing flow Have your developers create a test version of your app that uses […]

What is conversational issue filing, and how do I set it up?

Please note: you can only enable Conversational Issue Filing for in-app users once you’ve upgraded to SDK v7.0.1 and above. To upgrade to the latest version of the SDK, see our developer documentation for iOS and Android. Conversational Issue Filing allows you to offer a fully conversational support experience for your mobile users. This can […]

What is the greeting message, and how do I set it up?

The Greeting message is what will appear in the conversation screen when an end user opens it up for the first time. We strongly recommend configuring a greeting message as a way to welcome your users and set expectations for them, such as how long it may take to get a reply, and what information […]

What is the typing indicator and how do I set it up?

The typing indicator allows your users to see when an Agent is typing a reply back in an in-app conversation. It allows you to offer a live chat experience to users who may expect quick response times. In our SDK v7.0.1 release, we provided Admins with a Dashboard toggle to manage this feature. If you […]

Where should the Helpshift option appear in my app?

You’ll want to put your Helpshift Help section somewhere where it will be accessible to your users whether they are in the middle of the app or just in the home area. Users shouldn’t have to exit your app just to access the Help section. Here are some examples of where you should put the […]

What should I call my Help section in my app?

The name of your Help Section (Helpshift FAQs) is just as important as where you place it. You’ll want to make sure that the user’s expectation is met when they click on the link. For example: If you use ‘Help’ for your section, but your user only wants to give you feedback, then they will […]

How do I create a one-way feedback channel?

Feedback requests can sometimes clog up other important items in your Issues queues. To alleviate this, you can work with your developer to complete the following steps to implementing a ‘Feedback’ button that will serve as an alternative to Help. To create a one-way feedback feature in your app that collects feedback, sends an auto-response, […]

How do I deep link an in-app user to an FAQ article in a reply?

If you would like to keep a user in-app, but link them to an FAQ, you can use deep linking. Deep linking is a way of coding a URL so that it will open inside of the app. This will prevent a URL from triggering a browser window outside of the app, and also empower […]

How do I find my Review URL for iOS & Android?

Please note: your review URLs must initially be added by a member of your team and are not automatically generated. To access your Review URL to invite web users to review your app, proceed as follows: 1. Navigate to the Settings page, then scroll down to the App Settings area and select the app you’d like […]

How do I request App Store reviews from iOS users?

With the September 19, 2017, release of iOS 11, Apple changed its policy around automatically requesting app reviews and ratings from end-users. This change had a direct impact on the way that review requests are made in Helpshift. The review API from Apple lets your end-users leave app ratings in the App Store without leaving […]

How do I update my app icon?

To update your app icon, please do the following: 1. Navigate to the Settings page 2. Scroll down to the App Settings section, then click the name of the app you’d like to update the icon for 3. In the ‘Platforms supported’ area at the top, click the text ‘Edit store details’ 4. Enter the […]

What is the ‘Send Review Request’ function & how do I use it?

When resolving an Issue, you can use the ‘Send Review Request’ function to prompt your user to review your app in the app store before the Issue is closed. Please note the following: This functionality is only available for in-app communications, and not for web and email The Issue must still be open You must […]

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