Getting Started

Guide: Live Chat Experience

Helpshift provides all the tools you need to offer a live chat experience for some or all of your users. Implementing our typing indicator allows your users to see when an Agent is typing a reply back. This is similar to the behavior of many conventional chat applications, such as iMessage or Whatsapp. In addition […]

Guide: Using Automations

As the name implies, Automations in Helpshift allow you to automate aspects of your workflow to improve efficiency and Agent performance. You can perform a variety of functions on an Issue when it is created, including: Automatically tagging and assigning Issues to Smart Views, Queues, or individual Agents Adding Autoreplies to let users know the status […]

Guide: Workflow Management

Workflow Management is a set of features you can configure to design the perfect workflow for your support team. You can set up your workflow so that when a new Issue comes into your Dashboard, it is automatically categorized and prioritized so the Agent it is assigned to can quickly identify the problem and offer a the solution. Features you can […]