Getting Started Guides

Developer Implementation Guide

The Helpshift SDK allows your support team to provide in-app help in the form of searchable, native FAQs and direct, two-way messaging to end-users. If you’re a support admin looking to set up the Helpshift Dashboard, please see our guide to Setting Up Your Dashboard in 5 Steps. A successful developer-side implementation of Helpshift includes […]

Guided Issue Filing

Guided Issue Filing allows you to add custom categories to your in-app support contact flow to enable users to automatically share information related to their inquiry. This customization also allows you to provide pre-filled fields and set form options to update dynamically based on previous selections. Flow #1: User opens a subcategory of Sections to […]

API Key Management

API stands for application programming interface. Put simply, an API makes it possible for different apps to talk to one another. API keys allow for the actual interaction and exchange of information to occur between multiple apps without having to provide personal information, such as passwords. As an admin, you can safely manage these keys through […]

Setting Up Your Dashboard in 5 Steps

Welcome to Helpshift! This guide will walk you through each step to get started with our core features, including: adding your app, creating FAQs, inviting Agents to the Dashboard, and setting up email and in-app support. If you haven’t done so already, create your Helpshift account at Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able […]

Creating & Publishing FAQs

At this stage, you’ll have signed up for Helpshift, created your app, and invited Agents to your Helpshift Dashboard. The next step to optimizing your support offerings is to complete your Web Support Portal. If you haven’t completed these steps yet, please review our guide to Setting Up Your Dashboard In 5 Steps first. This […]

Web & Email Support

In addition to in-app support, offering web and email support channels allows you to provide a comprehensive customer support experience. A robust Web Support Portal filled with categories and FAQs empowers users to seek answers to basic support inquiries, troubleshoot common errors, and learn best practices when using your app. Email support (via an address […]

Managing Your Team

Helpshift is designed to support any support team, regardless of size or structure. We provide the functionality to organize your team via Agent Groups, assign different role types to structure your team, toggle administrative permissions for individual team members, and more. For more detailed steps and best practices, please see our Knowledge Base. 1. Creating […]

Setting Up Smart Views

Smart Views allow you to optimize your workflow by automatically filtering issues into folders by platform, app title, Issue status, assignee, and Tags. As an Admin, you can create Shared Smart Views for each of your Agents and use Groups to control which Agents can see which Shared Smart Views. As an Agent, you can […]

Agent Training

This guide is intended to help Agents quickly get started using Helpshift to identify, resolve, and organize Issues. If your Dashboard has not been set up yet, please refer your Admin to review Setting Up Your Dashboard In 5 Steps first. For more detailed steps and best practices, please see our Knowledge Base. 1. Dashboard […]

Using Automations

As the name implies, Automations in Helpshift allow you to automate aspects of your workflow to improve efficiency and Agent performance. You can perform a variety of functions on an Issue when it is created, including: Automatically tagging and assigning Issues to Smart Views, Queues, or individual Agents Adding Autoreplies to let users know the status […]


Helpshift Analytics allow you to improve the support experience for users and optimize the workflow for your team. Every organization uses analytics data differently, so this guide is designed to walk you through the process of identifying which data is most important for your team and how to use it effectively to achieve your goals. […]

Workflow Management

Workflow Management is a set of Helpshift features which you can use to design the perfect support workflow for your team. You can set up these features so that when a new Issue comes into your Dashboard, it will automatically be properly categorized and prioritized so the Agent can immediately tell what it’s referring to […]


A limited version of Campaigns is available for all users. The full version can be unlocked via an upgrade. Please reach out to to upgrade. Campaigns allow you to proactively send a message (in the form of a push notification or in-app message) to any user who has your app installed on their device. […]

Power BI 101

This guide is for first time users of Power BI who have already activated and installed Power BI. If you have Power BI activated but have not yet set it up yet, please see our FAQ How Do I Install Power BI? first. If you are not a Power BI user and are interested in getting […]

Salesforce Integration Guide

Helpshift offers a Salesforce AppExchange App to allow you to manage your Dashboard from within Salesforce. This app offers the capability to invite and assign Agents and Admins; sync FAQs, Issues, and tags; respond to Issues within Salesforce; and more. To get started with the Helpshift plugin for Salesforce, please review the steps below. For more detailed […]

Power BI Reports Overview

The purpose of this guide is to walk existing Helpshift + Power BI users through best practices for reviewing for the data available on each report in the Power BI dashboard. If you are a Helpshift user who is interested in using Power BI, please review How Can I Get More Out of Helpshift Analytics […]

Live Chat Experience

Helpshift provides all the tools you need to offer a live chat experience for some or all of your users. Implementing our typing indicator allows your users to see when an Agent is typing a reply back. This is similar to the behavior of many conventional chat applications, such as iMessage or Whatsapp. In addition […]

Web Chat

Helpshift’s Web Chat widget allows you to offer a live chat experience on your website. This additional channel makes it easy for your Agents to communicate with all of your end users, whether they visit your website or your mobile app. It just takes one line of code on your website to get you started […]

Zendesk Integration Guide

Our Zendesk Integration allows you to sync Issues in Helpshift to your Zendesk dashboard. This enables your Zendesk Agents to review and respond to Helpshift Issues as Zendesk tickets. With this integration, you can continue offering world-class mobile support via the Helpshift SDK, while also optimizing your workflow by providing access to Helpshift Issues within […]