Getting Started

Guide: Helpshift Analytics

Helpshift Analytics allow you to improve the support experience for users and optimize the workflow for your team. Every organization uses analytics data differently, so this guide is designed to walk you through the process of identifying which data is most important for your team and how to use it effectively to achieve your goals. […]

Guide: Power BI 101

This guide is for first time users of Power BI who have already activated and installed Power BI. If you have Power BI activated but have not yet set it up yet, please see our FAQ How do I install Power BI? first. If you are not a Power BI user and are interested in getting […]

Guide: Power BI Reports Overview

The purpose of this guide is to walk existing Helpshift + Power BI users through best practices for reviewing for the data available on each report in the Power BI dashboard. If you are a Helpshift user who is interested in using Power BI, please review How can I get more out of Helpshift Analytics […]

How do I use the Analytics API?

Our Analytics API allows you to load your analytics data in a 3rd party BI tool, such as Qlik or Tableau. With this API, you can do the following: Review and compare Helpshift data with data in other databases Do calculations using Helpshift data in programs like Excel Create a variety of flexible reports Share […]

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