FAQ Management: Getting Started

How to write and publish FAQs

This guide will walk you through the steps to jumpstart your Web Support Portal by adding FAQ articles & Sections, writing compelling and organized article content, rendering FAQs for different platforms, and making your FAQs live for users. Additional information on each of these features can be found in the FAQ article links provided within […]

How do I create FAQ sections and articles?

  NOTE      Help Center 2.0 — scheduled for release May 11, 2021 — introduces a feature to add section images. Sections are used to organize related FAQs under common categories so that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for. To create a new Section, click the FAQs icon on the left […]

How do I publish/unpublish my FAQ article?

If you’re not already within the FAQ, first navigate to the FAQ from within your FAQ list by clicking on it within the section. From within the Issue details, switch the ‘Published’ toggle to ON. It will light up in green to signify it’s on. Please note: this toggle won’t work unless you already have […]

What should I include in an FAQ Article?

An informative and well-formatted set of articles is key to successfully resolving customer Issues and deflecting support inquiries. Our built-in FAQ editor allows you to apply the following formatting options to your articles: Formatted text (bold, italics, underline) Bulleted points Hyperlinks Embedded images (GIFS, PNG, JPG) Embedded videos (Youtube, Vimeo URLs) You can add all of this formatting […]

How do I import FAQs?

To import your FAQs after you’ve bulk edited them via CSV, navigate to the FAQs section, select the Settings gear next to the New FAQ button, then click ‘Update FAQs via CSV Upload’. A pop-up will appear prompting you to upload a zip file containing FAQs and Sections in CSV format. Click the ‘SELECT FILE‘ […]

How do I export FAQs?

You can export FAQs as a CSV or HTML file. To do so, navigate to the FAQs section, click the Settings gear to the right of ‘New FAQ’, then select ‘Export as CSV for [appname]’ or ‘Export as HTML for [appname]’. When you export the FAQs as CSV, a zip file is downloaded. This file […]

How do I export my FAQs for translation?

To export your FAQs for translation, you should first enable all relevant languages for your FAQ. To learn how, see How do I translate my FAQs? Next, download the CSV of FAQs using the ‘Export as CSV’ option on the FAQs page. When you export the FAQs as CSV, a zip file is downloaded. There […]

How do I translate my FAQs?

Helpshift is localized to automatically show FAQs in the language of the user’s device. This allows you to easily support users who speak a variety of languages by manually adding translations you create to your FAQ and toggling them “On” to publish. Please note that at least one language is required to be toggled ‘On’ […]

How do I format my FAQs?

The FAQ editor allows saved text to be displayed in your preferred format on user devices as well as in web browsers. We recommend using caution when pasting from other sources, as the non-native formatting from those sources, such as tables and different sizes of text, can render incorrectly across mobile devices. For example, tables or […]

How do I bulk edit/update FAQs?

The first step to bulk updating your FAQs is to export the ones you’d like to update as a CSV or HTML file. To learn how, see How do I export FAQs? As a note, you cannot use CSV/HTML to create FAQs in bulk – you will need to create them manually to be able […]

How do I create new FAQs in bulk?

To create new FAQs in bulk, proceed as follows: 1. Create empty placeholder FAQs in your Helpshift Dashboard. To do so, simply navigate to the FAQs page, then click the ‘+New FAQ’ button from within the FAQ Section you’d like to create a new FAQ for.   The purpose of this step is simply to […]

How do I set up FAQs for different apps?

To set up FAQs for different apps, you will first have to add your new app in Helpshift. To do so, please see How do I add my app in Helpshift? Once you’ve added your app, navigate to the FAQs page, then select your app from the app drop-down. This will take you to your […]

How do I filter my FAQs to only be accessible for certain types of users?

There may be cases where you only want certain FAQs to be visible to certain types of users, such as reward program members. You can set this up by working with your developer to configure our FAQ filtering API. To get started, have them review our developer documentation on FAQ filtering for iOS and Android.

Can I unpublish or hide a single or multiple FAQ sections?

To unpublish an FAQ section, you must unpublish all of the individual FAQs in that section. If any FAQ is still published in that section, then the section will remain visible. To unpublish FAQs, navigate to the FAQ in the Dashboard and click on the ‘Published’ toggle to move it to OFF.

How do I deep link to an FAQ from within the app?

If you would like to link a user to an FAQ and have it open within the app, you can use deep linking. Deep linking is the use of a hyperlink that links to a specific, generally searchable or indexed, piece of web content on a website (e.g., “http://example.com/path/page”), rather than the website’s home page […]

How do keywords improve findability for a knowledge base article or FAQ?

The built-in search engine for Helpshift knowledge base articles can return highly relevant matches even when the submitted query: Uses different terminology than, or different spelling than, your brand uses. Omits literal matches for even one word from the article body or article title. This sophistication is made possible through your careful use of search […]

Can I use emojis and special characters in FAQ sections and articles?

Helpshift supports emojis and other special characters in both FAQ sections and articles! ? Please keep in mind that their appearance may render differently on different devices depending on the platform. Please also note that if it’s a standard unicode emoji, all modern platforms should support it, but we encourage you to test across the […]

How do I include a video in an FAQ?

You can add a video to an FAQ from directly within the FAQ editor by clicking the ‘embed video’ icon on the right side of the edit toolbar. A pop-up will appear where you can enter the URL for the video you’d like to embed. Please note: only a URL should be placed here, and […]

Where can I find the Section and Publish IDs for FAQs?

Every FAQ Section you create has a sequential ‘Section ID‘ next to it when you have the Section selected. The same goes for the individual FAQ’s ‘Publish ID‘. You’ll need these numbers for bulk updating CSVs and creating deep links. Please note: If you delete an FAQ or Section, their IDs will be lost forever. […]

How do I remove an FAQ Section or Article?

To remove or delete an FAQ Section, navigate to the FAQ tab and click the trash icon to the right of the Section title. A pop-up will appear warning you that deleting the section will also move all of the FAQs contained within it to the first section. Click the ‘Delete‘ button to finalize this […]

How do I hide my FAQs entirely?

To hide an FAQ Section from your Web Portal or app, you’ll need to unpublish all of the FAQs in that Section, or edit their visibility on the different platforms. If you want to temporarily remove your FAQs (for example, while your app or Web Support Portal is in development), you can also have your developer comment out the button linked […]

How do I make sure that users only see FAQ articles for their platform?

Helpshift recommends creating unique FAQs for each of your apps’ platforms as a best practice, then making each one visible only for their specific platforms. If an FAQ has slightly different content for iOS vs. Android, for example, you can create an iOS version and an Android version of the FAQ. To update the visibility […]

How do I reorder my FAQ articles & Sections?

To reorder FAQ articles and Sections, navigate to your FAQ section, click the Settings drop-down button  and choose “Reorder Sections and FAQs.”   Once enabled, you’ll see the drag drop handles/marks next to FAQs and Sections. You can click and drag FAQs and Sections with your mouse to re-order them. To delete a Section or […]

How do Agents see the most recent changes made to FAQs?

When an FAQ article is created and/or updated, the ‘updated by’ and ‘updated date’ stamps are displayed in the FAQ Dashboard in the bottom right corner next to the FAQ article that was updated, e.g. “69d by Renee”. However, this information applies only to the languages selected when that FAQ was updated. If an FAQ article […]

How do I copy or link an FAQ across multiple apps?

Our Linked FAQ feature provides you the functionality to easily share FAQs, along with their translations, across multiple different apps. For example, if you need to display a different set of Troubleshooting FAQs for each app, but want to use the same set of General FAQs for all apps, you don’t need to duplicate the […]

How do I unlink an FAQ?

To unlink your FAQ, click ‘Unlink’ under ‘Settings‘ on the FAQ detail panel.   A warning message will appear to alert you that after unlinking, the content and translations of this FAQ will no longer be in sync with other apps. The FAQ will be made independent along with its properties.   To confirm this […]

Where can I find permalinks for my web FAQs?

  DEPRECATION NOTICE      Help Center 2.0 — scheduled for release May 11, 2021 — does not support permalinks. The permalink for an FAQ in your Web Support Portal can be found at the bottom of the page to the right of the ‘updated’ timestamp. This is the URL you can send stakeholders who don’t […]

Why are there numbers at the end of my FAQ URL?

  DEPRECATION NOTICE     Help Center 2.0 uses a different URL schema than legacy Help Centers used. The described numbers are not present in article URLs on Help Center 2.0.. If you have two FAQs with the same exact name, whether unpublished or not, the second FAQ created will have numbers generated at the […]

Will editing the title of an FAQ break the URL for that FAQ?

No, it will not break. When you create an FAQ article, the original link that is generated for that FAQ can be used permanently going forward. We do generate new permalinks when edits are made to the FAQ’s title; however, the original URL will remain live and will redirect if the title or location of […]

What are Issue Tags, and how do I use them?

An Issue Tag is a tag that can be added to an FAQ article being used as a Predefined Answer to help organize Issues responded to with this answer. For example, if your FAQ article “How do I login to my account?” has the Issue Tag ‘login’, and this FAQ is used as a predefined […]

How do I create a “mailto” link in an FAQ?

To create a mailto link, proceed as follows: 1. Open the FAQ details page by clicking on the FAQ within the list of FAQs 2. Click the ‘Edit’ button to open the FAQ Editor 3. From within the text box, highlight the text you want to hyperlink 4. Click the hyperlink icon in the text editor toolbar […]

How do I optimize images to ensure they do not appear blurry?

When placing images in your FAQs, keep your app’s supported device ratios and default app orientations in mind. These settings can impact the appearance and rendering of your images, causing them to appear blurry or pixelated. Though you cannot manually resize images within the Text Editor, Helpshift automatically creates thumbnails and compresses file sizes for varying resolutions with fidelity […]

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