FAQ Management: Troubleshooting

Why does my FAQ say ‘broken HTML in answer content’ when I try to open/edit it?

If you attempt to edit an FAQ that contains broken HTML, you may see a ‘fix incorrect HTML formatting’ error message: This error occurs if you’ve bulk edited and imported FAQs, and during the edit process, inadvertently inserted broken HTML into the answer text. You can fix this error as follows: 1. Export all of […]

Why would some FAQs become misformatted after they’re saved?

You may notice that text formatting changes sometimes after you save an article. For example, line breaks might be added or removed. When you copy formatted text from another source to paste into a knowledge base article, we recommend that your paste operation use Ctrl-Shift-V (Command-Shift-V on a Mac) to strip out any special formatting. […]

Why does my FAQ text lose formatting when copied from another source?

Copying formatting from another source and pasting it into the FAQ editor can sometimes add incompatible formatting from the original source. This causes problems when rendering FAQs for end users. To fix any FAQs that may have incorrect text formatting, copy-paste the text as follows: Ctrl/Command+A (PC/Mac select all text) Ctrl/Command+X (PC/Mac cut) Ctrl/Command+Shift+V (PC/Mac […]

Why is my FAQ formatted incorrectly after a bulk update?

There are a few reasons why you might face formatting issues/errors during the FAQ bulk update. Make sure that you’re following all the guidelines below when preparing your CSV: Column data should be separated by commas. Rows should be separated by line breaks. Strings containing double quotes should have these quotes escaped, or replaced by […]

Why am I having issues with my CSV file?

When attempting to bulk update FAQs, there are several different error messages that may appear during the process. Some universal steps to avoid encountering any of these types of errors are as follows: Do not use Excel or any other non-Unicode compatible document editor to save your CSV. This includes copy-pasting from these types of documents. […]

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