End User Experience

What does the in-app support experience look like for a user?

The screenshots depicted in this FAQ feature the legacy form-based filing flow, which is slated to be deprecated in mid-2019. To see the end user experience with our new Conversational Issue Filing flow, review our FAQ What is Conversational Issue Filing, and how do I set it up? The Helpshift experience will differ for users depending […]

How can my end users find their Issue ID #?

In-app users can find their Issue ID number by clicking the information icon within a conversation. This will lead to the information screen, which lists the Issue ID in the top left. The Issue ID can be easily copied in this area by tapping the ‘Tap to copy’ text to the right of the Issue […]

How do I allow my end users to see past conversations?

You can allow your users to see past conversations by enabling conversations history for end users. This gives them the ability to see all conversation messages started from the same device or browser, which helps you build relationships and trust. End users can use this information to refresh themselves on how-to instructions or a promo […]

What is the end user experience when users can see their past conversations?

Once the conversations history toggle is enabled, your end users will have the following user experience based on the status of past Issues. If an Issue was resolved, the end user will see a divider between the resolved conversation and the one that took place after. This divider will only appear at the end of […]

Can a bot use multiple languages?

A custom bot can use a variety of languages while engaging with your brand’s end-users.  This flexibility is possible because some bot step types support consuming text templates and variables. Text templates are a Helpshift feature for brands to organize, store, and work with snippets of translated text. Variables are how you can inject personalized […]

What are text templates and how do I use them?

Helpshift includes features for a brand to organize, store, and work with its snippets of translated text. We call this this feature set “text templates.” Text templates serve brands that use multiple languages while supporting a product. When your brand offers product support services in one language exclusively, text templates may not be right for […]

Understand the appearance of web chat UI elements (SDK X)

Modern designs can help to bring a professional look and feel to your product support operations, as well as an improved user experience. The advent of SDK X brought with it an updated Helpshift chat service for support messaging. More recent look-and-feel changes to the chat service arrived June 15, 2021, with advanced control over […]

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