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How do I forward my support emails into Helpshift?

You can view and update your support email address in your Settings area by navigating to Settings > Support Settings > Email Support. On the Email Support Channels page, you’ll see your full email address listed like this: To route your support emails to your Helpshift Dashboard, you’ll need to set up a forwarding […]

How do I create separate email support channels for the different apps I support?

Many companies have multiple brands and apps and want to create specific support experiences for each one. Creating separate support channels for each of your apps will ensure that users see support emails coming from an app-appropriate email address. It will also enable you to easily create Automations based on which app is referenced in […]

What is email branding, and how do I set it up?

Email Branding allows you to gracefully represent multiple app or company brands via different email templates. As an example, let’s say your company, Demo, Inc, has two apps, DemoLand and DemoWorld. If one of your users writes in via the web form or email, then you want to make sure that the branding stays consistent […]

How do I create engaging branding for my support emails?

When you edit or create a new email Support Channel in Settings > Email Support, you’ll see the option to enable custom email templates. If you enable a custom template for a given channel, emails sent in response to issues from that channel will use the template. Note: You can also apply custom templates to […]

What happens if a user sends multiple emails to the Support alias?

If a user reports an Issue from the same email address with an interval of less than 5 minutes, that second email will be added as a message to the previously created Issue. New Issues from the same email address are allowed after 5 minutes. If a user writes in from the same email address […]

How do I block an email address in Helpshift?

At times it may be necessary to block individual users from continuing to contact your support team. This process can also be used to block spam email senders. To block a user who reached out via email, proceed as follows: 1. Navigate to the Issues tab 2. From there, click on the Issue to go […]

How do I manage email spam in my Dashboard?

Helpshift uses Mailgun to identify and filter the vast majority of email spam that is sent to your Dashboard on a daily basis. However, spammers frequently change their tactics and email addresses to avoid having their messages blocked, so some messages still get through. We offer two ways you can identify and block email spam […]

How do I use SPF records to prevent emails from going to the ‘spam’ inbox?

This process may require support from your IT administrator. To create an SPF record for a domain: 1. Log in to the administrative console for your companies domain provider 2. Locate the page from which you can update the DNS records 3. Create a TXT record with the below information: Type: TXT Name: [domain name] […]

How do I ensure spam email Issues are not reopened by new replies?

You may find when using our email spam prevention tool (currently in beta) that some of those spam emails will not stay closed, which is a result of the spammer or a CCed email address sending new email replies to the Issue. This can cause frustration when those Issues reopen in your Dashboard. To prevent […]

How to prevent Spam with Helpshift?

Helpshift provides different methods to manage spam and to prevent the impact of spam on your organization.  This article outlines the methods available in Helpshift to manage spam: Setting up and forwarding email from your brand’s external email address to Helpshift Support Enabling the Helpshift Spam Filter Configuring the Helpshift Email Spam Prevention Tool Setting […]

How do I block Email Domains?

Administrators and Supervisors can block Email Domains and Subdomains to avoid spam emails. To block one or more Email Domains, Navigate to Settings > Support Settings > Blocked Emails and click the ‘Block Emails & Domains’ button. The Block Emails modal appears. Select the ‘Block Domains’ option and enter the Email Domain and Subdomain names which […]

End User Attachments and Restricting File Types

Helpshift Whitelist of File types You can allow end users to send images and other types of rich media files to agents. Below are the different types of files that end users can upload. If an end user sends a file that is not included in the list, Helpshift will automatically zip the file before sharing […]

How do Spam filters work with Helpshift?

Helpshift uses state of the art spam filter to minimize the number of email-submitted spam.  The Helpshift Spam Filter checks for the following types of spam: Spam Score based categorization of spam Virus in the attachments Known IP for Spamming Global reputation list of known spammers Content of the spam Intent of the email (Fraud, […]

How do I add Issue ID to the Email Subject?

Helpshift allows your end-users to access issues faster by adding the Issue Id to the subject line of an email. You can add the Issue Id for, Email Issues Webform Issues  Manual Issues To add the Issue Id for the number of Email or Web Issues submitted by an end-user, Navigate to Settings > Support […]

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