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Why is the Windows 10 beta SDK no longer available?

Effective July 3rd, 2018, Helpshift has made the decision to discontinue support for our Windows 10 beta SDK. Since the release of the Windows 10 beta SDK, we have seen low adoption rates and an overall lack of demand. For these reasons, we have chosen to discontinue this beta SDK. What does this mean? On […]

How are notifications handled by the Mac SDK?

Helpshift’s MacOS SDK does not support push notifications. Rather, it uses local notifications to inform users when an Agent has replied to a conversation. Since these notifications are local to the Mac app, they do not work if the user quits the app. To learn more about setting up notifications for the Mac SDK, see […]

How do I integrate Helpshift into my desktop app?

Mac OS Helpshift supports in-app chat and FAQs for Mac OS applications. For implementation instructions, please review Getting Started with Mac OS. Windows Desktop Applications Helpshift no longer supports the Windows SDK. This means we are no longer making maintenance improvements or fixing bugs. To offer a Helpshift support experience in Windows, we recommend using our […]

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