Guide: Campaigns

Campaigns is an add-on feature. Please reach out to to upgrade your plan to include this feature. Campaigns allow you to proactively send a message (in the form of a push notification or in-app message) to any user who has your app installed on their device. They can be used to encourage user re-engagement, […]

What are Campaigns and how do I use them?

Campaigns is an add-on feature. Please reach out to to upgrade your plan to include this feature. Campaigns allow you to proactively send a message (in the form of a push notification or in-app message) to any user who has your app installed on their device. They can be used to encourage user re-engagement, […]

How do I enable Campaigns functionality in my SDK?

Once enabled on our side, you’ll want your developers to follow the instructions below: iOS Platform: Download the latest SDK that contains Campaigns via our iOS Release Notes Visit our Getting Started and Campaigns guides and follow the instructions to configure Campaigns – we currently have HelpshiftCampaigns and HelpshiftSupport as the 2 available services to […]

What are Notification Buttons in Campaigns?

Along with the primary action defined in your Campaign, you have the option to enable a Notification Button which allows you to enable a secondary action when the button is pressed. For example, you could choose ‘Rate App’ as a primary action, so that tapping the push notification would open the app, and ‘Yes / […]

What do the different Campaign Actions do?

When users receive your Campaign and tap the notification, an action of your choice will occur. You can choose one of actions below for your Campaign: Launch App: Opens the app on users’ devices Open Deep/HTML Link: Opens a specific page in the app or takes use to a URL in the default browser on […]

Should I run Broadcast or Continuous Campaigns?

There are two types of Campaigns: Broadcast and Continuous. You’ll want to do a Broadcast Campaign if your Target Audience is already defined. You can send a Broadcast Campaign out immediately, or on a certain date and time. Example: You have a mobile shopping app with a user base that is only in the United […]

How should I define the segmentation/target audience for my Campaign?

For a quick overview on how to complete these steps, please see the following video: Helpshift Campaigns Segmentation from Helpshift on Vimeo. Your Target Audience defines the type of user you want to receive your Campaign Message. You can target your users based on many different types of properties, including: device, engagement, user, and Issue. Device […]

How can I target my Campaigns based on user-specific data?

When defining the target audience for your Campaign, you’ll have the option to select User Properties as a segmentation group. User Properties are custom values specific to your app and business model. These values can be numbers (integers), words (strings), dates, and True/False. Examples might include: Dollars Spent Membership Tier Last Purchase Date Registered Subscription […]

How can I target my Campaigns to users who have reached out for support in the past?

To proactively message users who’ve reached out for support previously, you can target your Campaigns based on support-related filters, such as Issue status, Tags, CSAT Rating, etc. This functionality is useful in the following cases: Alerting users when bugs have been fixed Letting users who wanted a feature request know when it’s been shipped Sending […]

How can I target individual users by User ID?

Sometimes you may just want to create a Campaign to target individual users or a group of select users. It’s great for testing your content in an A/B test or sending out special offers to VIP users. In order to get started, you’ll need to do the following: 1. Use the Login API Have your […]

What are Campaign goals, and how should I use them?

Campaign goals allow you to track the performance of in-app message Campaigns by counting the amount of times end users completed an action offered by the Campaign. When creating or editing a draft of an in-app Campaign, you have the option to select the ‘Count this action as campaign goal completion’ check box. This will […]

How do I create an A/B Test Group to test content?

With our new User ID API, you can now create A/B test groups so you can try out your Campaign content on a limited audience. Create a Segment of Users Using the User ID filter, you’ll want to input or upload a list of users to the group you want to test content on. You’ll […]

Why aren’t Campaigns available for my app?

You may see the following error message on the Campaigns page of your app, despite having it enabled for your domain: You may also be attempting to create a Campaign, and be unable to select the iOS or Android platform. In this case, the reason might be that you have not integrated a Campaigns-compatible version […]

Why am I seeing ‘0’ for the Estimated Audience Size in my Campaign Targeting?

There are a number of reasons why you may see an estimated size of ‘0’ for the audience segment you enter. General issues with push notifications such as an invalid push certificate can affect the delivery of push notification Campaigns. For example, an invalid push certificate will affect both support and Campaign notifications. Please ensure […]

Why am I seeing a low ‘Messages Sent’ number for my in-app Campaign?

For in-app Campaigns, the definition of ‘Message Sent’ is different than for push Campaigns. Message sent are defined for Campaign as follows: Messages sent for push Campaign: the number of push notifications that were successfully generated and delivered to end user devices. Users that do not have push notifications enabled will not receive these Campaigns, and thus […]

Why is only a small % of my Estimated Audience actually receiving the Campaign?

There are a number of reasons why the actual number of people who open your Campaign will be lower than the estimated segment Audience Size. Two common ones are: Estimated Audience Size for Campaigns doesn’t account for uninstalls. If you send out a Campaign to users who have uninstalled the app, they won’t receive the […]

How often do device and user properties sync?

Device and user properties sync when the app is backgrounded by the end user or when 60 seconds have passed since the last refresh, whichever comes first. We do a daily background sync of all user properties. For more information about user properties and device properties, see How Can I Target My Campaigns Based On […]