What are Custom Bots, and how do I set them up?

Custom Bots are an add-on feature that can be unlocked with an account upgrade. Please reach out to to learn more. Custom Bots can be invoked at any point in a conversation to carry out a customizable series of up to 5 different actions. They can do all the same things as Agents, which […]

What is the Answer Bot, and how do I set it up?

Answer Bot is an add-on feature that can be unlocked with an account upgrade. Please reach out to to learn more. The Answer Bot is an AI-powered Bot for your web and in-app messaging experience that will automatically respond to the end user’s first message by suggesting up to 3 of your most relevant […]

What is the Identity Bot, and how does it work?

The Identity Bot is a configurable Bot for Web Chat and in-app messaging experiences that will automatically request an end user’s name and / or email address if this information has not been collected previously. If that info is already available on the user’s profile, this Bot will not ask again. The end user experience […]

How do I use Bots with Time-Based Automations?

We configured Time-Based Automations to interact with Bots in a way that will benefit your workflow. With this in mind, if an Issue is assigned to a Bot and a Time-Based Automation is set to complete the actions listed below, the following will occur: Send a new message to the user only: It will be […]

How do I assign Issues to a specific Agent, Queue, or Bot?

You can assign Issues to specific Agents, Queues, or Bots automatically as part of your workflow using Automations, or manually by completing a Bulk Action. Assign Issues using Automations When setting up an Automation, you are prompted to select conditions that Issues must meet for the Automation to run on them. After that, you are […]

What can I see in the Custom Bots Analytics reports in Power BI?

The Bot Analytics content pack can be downloaded and added to your Power BI dashboard from within Power BI. To get this report, review the steps in How do I install or update my content pack? The three reports available for Custom Bot Analytics are Custom Bots, Custom Bots (times), and Custom Bots (transitions). You […]

How do I update a live Custom Bot with active conversations?

If you are not updating any Custom Issue Fields used to branch your Bot, you can duplicate the active Bot that needs to be updated, make the changes to the new Bot, and publish it. After that, you can update the Automation to assign to the new Bot. The active conversations will finish with the […]

How to setup External APIs with Custom Bots?

Following are the steps to setup External APIs in Custom Bots : Select the option External API Requests in the Settings page and click on the New API Request button. The New API Request page appears, enter the API name under the Request Title box. Select an appropriate method from the Method box for the API call. You […]