Billing & Data

How do I submit a redaction request for Issue or end user data?

The steps outlined below are a short-term solution as we continue to build redaction APIs and a Dashboard compliance tool. Keep an eye out for our monthly newsletters where we will be announcing these features! You may need to have information about an Issue or end user redacted under the following circumstances: An end user […]

How do I set up a plan and automatic credit card billing?

If you’re currently on a trial, you can request a quote from your Helpshift Dashboard as follows: 1. Click the Settings icon in the left navigation bar from the Dashboard, then click ‘Billing’ 2. Click on ‘Activate Helpshift Plan’ 3. Review the plan options available and select the one that is best for your team based […]

What is MAU & how does Helpshift calculate it?

MAU = Monthly Active Users. An MAU is a unique Monthly Active User by device. For example, if you were to open up your Facebook app on your iPhone 30 times in February, the MAU would be 1. Now if you opened up the Facebook app on your iPhone 30 times and you opened up […]

What types of information does Helpshift collect from end users?

Helpshift collects select personal information from your end users to provide, operate, optimize, and maintain our services to support your support organization. We collect this information in a few different ways, as listed below. Such information does not necessarily reveal the identity of the users. End user data in our SDKs Name (Optional field, if completed by your […]