How do I access my Helpshift REST API keys?

To access your REST API keys, navigate to Settings > APIs. Your keys will be listed on this page. Clicking the gear icon in the bottom right provides a space for you to add a new key. Please note that adding a new key will automatically disable the old key. For more info on using […]

How do I use the Analytics API?

Our Analytics API allows you to load your analytics data in a 3rd party BI tool, such as Qlik or Tableau. With this API, you can do the following: Review and compare Helpshift data with data in other databases Do calculations using Helpshift data in programs like Excel Create a variety of flexible reports Share […]

Analytics API Glossary

The following glossary includes all metrics as they are defined in the Analytics API. To learn more about how to use the API, see How do I use the Analytics API? To access the API with your API keys, visit our API portal. Support Metrics API (Metrics per Hour or Day) Metric What does it […]

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