Advanced Search

What is Advanced Search, and how do I use it?

Advanced Search allows you to find Issues based on various data points available in your Dashboard. You can define an Advanced Search formula, aka a statement, that mimics a sentence structure. These searches allow you to filter Issues based on Device Information, User Information, Private Notes, Agent Assignee, text within the Issue, attachments, and more. […]

How do I use the Saved Search feature?

You can save Advanced Searches to quickly and easily re-use when working out of the My Open Issues or All Issues Smart Views, or any other Smart View you have access to. This prevents you from having to retype all of your filters and values, especially for searches that you conduct frequently. You can create […]

How do I search for Issues by interaction time or by how long they were in a backlog?

Search By Interaction Time You can search for Issues by interaction time using the field queue_interaction_time. Interaction time is measured as the duration of time between the Agent’s first reply and when the Issue was resolved, reassigned to a Queue, or moved back to a Queue. Please note the following about how the queue_interaction_time filter […]

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