Advanced Search

How do I use the Saved Search feature?

When you perform an Advanced Search, you can save it to use in your My/All Issues View or any other Smart View that you have access to. You can create as many Advanced Search filters as you want, but remember to come up with a good naming system so you can quickly search and use them […]

What is Advanced Search, and how do I use it?

Advanced Search allows you to find Issues based on various data points available in your Dashboard. You can define an Advanced Search formula, aka a statement, that mimics a sentence structure. These searches allow you to filter Issues based on Device Information, User Information, Private Notes, Agent Assignee, text within the Issue, and more. Advanced […]

How do I search for Issues by interaction time or by how long they were in a backlog?

Search By Interaction Time You can search for Issues by interaction time using the field queue_interaction_time. Interaction time is measured as the duration of time between the Agent’s first reply and when the Issue was resolved, reassigned to a Queue, or moved back to a Queue. Please note the following about how the queue_interaction_time filter […]