When you navigate to Settings > Tag Management > Active Tags, you’ll notice that the Page reveals 50 tags at a time, and a ‘More’ button at the bottom if the list is longer.

If you are seeing the ‘More’ button under the tags list, but clicking it doesn’t show additional tags, then you probably have an amount of tags which is an exact multiple of 50, e.g. 100, 150, 200, etc. This is a rare edge case which is resolved by the addition or deletion of tags to increase or decrease the number of active tags to no longer being a multiple of 50.

The ‘More’ button is designed to automatically appear when your Dashboard has 50 or more tags. Under normal circumstances, it works like this:

When you have more than 50 active tags, the system detects that the ‘See More’ button is needed, and displays it at the end of each set of 50 tags. If the total number of tags you have is an exact multiple of 50, then the ‘More’ button will appear at the end of the list of tags. (for example, if you have exactly 200 tags, it will appear at the end of the 4th page depicting the last 150-200 tags). However, clicking it won’t bring up anything new, as all tags are now being displayed.

To learn more about adding, editing and archiving tags, please see How do I create and use tags? and How do I edit my active tags?