If you see this message appear, it means we detected a loss in connectivity for a brief period. In most cases, the ‘connecting’ icon disappears automatically, which means that your Helpshift dashboard was able to re-establish live update communication and keep your view fresh.

However hard it tries to protect you from disconnections, sometimes the dashboard cannot re-establish the connection in a preferred amount of time. In these instances, your dashboard shows the refresh button, requiring you to manually update the page, as it could have missed some live updates.

If you see this message frequently, please see What does the ‘connecting’ icon mean, and what should I check if I see Ii frequently?

Impact of refresh on Issues: If you’re typing a reply to an Issue when asked to refresh, upon refreshing you’ll be back on the same page with all live updates in place and your typed in reply in the reply box. You will not lose the content of that reply.

Impact of refresh on FAQ: Currently our page refresh occurs is across the site. If you’re working on an FAQ article when asked to refresh, you will lose all content edits to your FAQ. We are actively working on a fix for this issue in the near future. In the meantime, we recommend saving your work as often as possible (or using a text editor to edit offline) if you experience frequent network connectivity issues.

As a note, our recommended browser for utilizing live notifications is Chrome. Firefox does not behave well with our live notifications system. If you are facing any issues around Firefox and messages not being updated without a refresh, we recommend switching to Chrome.