The ‘connecting’ icon indicates that your Helpshift Dashboard is attempting to reconnect to the Helpshift live update servers after a period of disconnection. This event can happen even if your local connection is up to speed.

The underlying cause could be an intermittent quality of service issue with your Internet Service provider, or perhaps an issue with our servers. To understand why you may have been disconnected from Helpshift, please double check the following:

  • Your local internet connection: if there are any issues, contact your ISP
  • Firewall settings: certain firewall settings can cause difficulty connecting to Helpshift
  • Using Helpshift via VPN: if you are using Helpshift over VPN or remotely, you may have a higher chance of being disconnected

To check the status of Helpshift’s servers, see our Status Page. To understand the impact of network connectivity issues, see What does the message ‘network connectivity lost, please refresh’ mean, and how does it impact my work?