You can organize your support team using Agent Groups or Teams with our 3-tiered role structure consisting of AgentsSupervisors, and Admins.

Agents (your support specialists) primary function is to respond to Issues from the Dashboard. They only have the ability to manage Issues and review FAQs. The Dashboard navigation from the Agent’s perspective looks like this:

Supervisors (your support/team leads) can manage Issues and also do the following:

The Dashboard navigation from the Supervisor’s perspective looks like this:

Admins (your support managers/head of operations) have full permissions and can control all aspects of the Helpshift Dashboard, including workflows, web/email support, and individual app settings. They have the full suite of tools available in their Dashboard navigation.

Admins can also toggle select permissions to grant additional functions to Supervisors and Agents. The permissions available to be toggled on/off for those team members are available on the Settings > Permissions page of the Admins Dashboard and include the following:

Now that you understand each role, you can organize your team by following the steps in this FAQ: How do I invite my team members as Agents, Admins, & Supervisors?

To learn how to create and manage Agent Groups, see How do I create Agent Groups?