The Helpshift 3-pane Dashboard is designed to make Agent workflows smooth and efficient for multitasking.

The first pane features the list of Smart Views; the second pane lists the individual Issues for the selected Smart View; and the third pane provides details for a selected Issue, such as device information and custom data.

The ‘Issues Feed’ is set to display the following Smart Views by default:

  • All New Issues (Admins only): Issues with a status of ‘Open’ that have not yet been replied to by an Agent
  • My Open Issues: all Issues with a status of ‘Open’ that are assigned to you
  • My Mentions: Issues in which you are mentioned in a Private Note
  • My Closed Issues: Issues assigned to you with a status of resolved
  • All Issues (Admins only): All issues, regardless of the status or Assignee

By default, it is organized by wait time, though it can be resorted by latest and oldest via the drop-down at the top of the 2nd pane. Each row contains the time elapsed since a particular Issue was submitted along with the Issue title.

When you click on the Issue title, you’ll be able to see the Issue Details, which includes the conversation between an Agent and a User. You can also use the up and down keys on your Dashboard to navigate between Issues, though this only works when your cursor is not active in the ‘Issue details’ section.

To learn more about the 3-pane view and the full Issue details view, see How do I review Issues In Helpshift?

To provide your Agents with a Smart View for ‘All New Issues’ or ‘All Issues’, see How do I create an ‘All New Issues’ or ‘All Issues’ Shared Smart View for Agents?