After someone in your organization creates text templates, you can use them to populate the web chat title bar and the initial message that greets a web chat user.


  1. Go to Settings and scroll to the bottom of the navigation column on the left.
  2. Click the name of your SDK-integrated app where it appears under the App Settings label.The settings page for your SDK-integrated app opens.
  3. Click Configure in the Web Chat area.The Web Chat Settings page opens.
  4. (Discretional) Do one or both of the following.
  • To use a text template as the title for web chat windows:
    Go to the Branding & Appearance area’s Title field and click
    Insert Text Template.
  • To use a text template as the default greeting:
    Go to the Greeting Message area and click
    Insert Text Template.

A flyout control opens. Its features help you to search for, or browse among folders for, any text template. Choose the template that best suits your purpose.

Then, when needed, you can also choose the language for your preferred translation.


  • You can edit a text template easily, right from the Web Chat Settings page. Just mouseover its label in the field where you applied it, and then click the pencil icon.
  • You can clear away the template that populates a field. Just click the X on its label.