Our out-of-the-box Web Chat widget can support 47 languages. The default language is English (en-us). The default language can be changed by your developer using the setLanguage API.

To allow your Web Chat widget to adapt to your user’s browser’s language, you can set the default language to ‘All’. Going forward, all Bots will communicate with end users in that same language.

To add new languages you’d like to support, navigate to the Settings page from within the Helpshift Dashboard.

On this page, scroll down to App Settings, then select the app you’d like to configure a greeting message and other messages for.

In the ‘Languages supported for ShiftAzon FAQs’ area, select additional languages you want to support via the ‘Add Language’ button.

You can customize and localize your messages in each language by uploading a CSV file containing those individual messages. To learn more, see our FAQ What is the greeting message, and how do I set it up?

If you want to provide support and add translations for additional languages other than the 47 we support out-of-the-box, you would have to provide those translations via the CSV upload process described above. Language codes for additional languages can be found in our FAQ How many languages does Helpshift support?