We are excited to announce the major features that will be part of SDK X v10.2.0, to be released this October 2022. This update will be released on iOS, Android, Unity, and Unreal Engine. Cocos and Xamarin plugins will be released by early next year.
The developer documentation will be made available closer to the release date.

Outbound Support

SDK X will be updated to v10.2.0 with a new feature called ‘Outbound Support.’ This new feature will enable customer support teams to proactively engage users to provide better customer service and resolve their issues faster through the in-app customer service experience.

Designed to augment the Modern Support Journey, some key use cases for Outbound Support include:

  • Engaging with VIP customers about an outstanding issue ensures a high level of personalized support.
  • Proactively offering support to a user when suspicious activity is on their account, preemptively avoiding potential fraud.
  • Reaching out to users with outstanding support tickets to speed up the time to resolution.
  • Closing the loop with end users that had previously reported a bug or feedback that is now resolved, alerting users of updates and improvements to their experience.

Other features that will be available with this release:

OS Updates

Support for Android 13 and iOS 16 will be provided in this version.

Camera permission dependency removal in iOS

This update will remove the need for the App to declare permissions on the App store for end users to upload attachments.

Contact Us button visibility.

The ability to allow developers to configure the user segments for which the contact us button is visible will be available. This was supported in Legacy SDK and will now be available in SDK X.

End of Life and End of Support Notice

Finally, we have previously announced End of Life and End of Support Notice for Helpshift’s Legacy SDKs (SDK Version <=7.11.2) will see the end of life as of 31 December 2022 and end of support as of 31 March 2023.

Helpshift’s Legacy SDKs (SDK Version <=7.11.2) will see End of Life(EOL) means that beyond this date, there will be only restricted development available on Legacy SDKs. All new features, OS updates, and non-blocking bug fixes will be released only on SDK X. End of service(EOSL) means that active maintenance will end beyond this date. SDK X will be the main product line that Helpshift will be supporting. Only migration from Legacy SDK to SDK X related queries will be answered.

SDK X will include all the new features and enhancements from Helpshift. Support for conversation migration from Legacy SDK to SDK X was already provided in previous versions. Over the next few months, we are also working towards providing some of the missing features in SDK X from Legacy SDK.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or success@helpshift.com to learn more.