The current known causes of blank responses are as follows:

  • Not replying above the “do not reply below this line” statement, as seen in this screenshot:

  • If the email time-stamp text from the previous email is located above the user’s response (sometimes users will delete the “do not reply below this line” statement and everything except previous timestamp so they can reply *within* the previous email to questions you asked, for example)
  • If the user leaves truncate-indicator-symbols like “>” or “|” on the left side of the text, even if they deleted the timestamp and previous text, sometimes it truncates the entire message

We are working on prevention methods for blank responses, but we use Mailgun, a 3rd party service, for email correspondence through Helpshift. Therefore, we have dependencies on the way their system truncates messages and sends them through.

As an immediate workaround, ask the user to delete all older messages (specifically from before the truncated text) and type a new reply.