Help Center 2.0 — scheduled for release May 11, 2021 — does not show any Log in link under your web support portal.

Instead, after you upgrade to Help Center 2.0, you must use the Log in button in the top navigation bar on

To remove the login link at the bottom of your web support portal, navigate to Settings > Web Support Portal, click the button “Customize CSS”, and insert this snippet into your Custom CSS editor at the bottom of the code:

/* ——————————————————-

Login link

——————————————————- */

.login-link-wrapper {

display: none;


At the bottom of the page, you’ll have the option to preview this update prior to publishing it live to your web support portal. Simply click the ‘Preview’ button to enable this view.

To learn more about using CSS to customize the web support portal, see How do I customize my web support portal?