Help Center 2.0 — scheduled for release May 11, 2021 — does not support CSS customization. Instead, it features built-in customization tools.

However, we continue to support your use of CSS-based customization until you upgrade from Help Center 1.0 to Help Center 2.0.

To hide a language from the drop-down in your web support portal, use the following code snippet:

[data-type="language"] option:nth-child(2) {
display:none; }

The (2) needs to be associated with the language’s location in the drop-down list on your web support portal. For example, if Spanish is #2 on the list, then it be removed visually from the list after this code is added into the CSS editor. If you change it to (1), then English would disappear.

To learn more about how to use the CSS editor, see How do I customize my Web Support Portal?

Note: users who primarily use the language you’ve removed (and have their browser set to display content in those languages) will still see your FAQs that are set for that particular language.