Admins can change the order in which Apps are shown in the App drop-down in the Web Support Portal. If you are an Admin, navigate to Settings > Support Settings > Web Support Portal. Under Web Support Portal Settings, you will see the option to change the App Order and Visibility as well as Platform Order.


Click ‘Edit Platforms Order’ to configure the order or the platforms. A drag and drop icon will appear next to each item to allow you to reorder the list. When you’re done, click ‘Save Changes’ to update this info.


Click ‘Edit Apps Order and Visibility’ to reorder the app list, again using the drag and drop icons. To hide the app, click on the platform icon, which will automatically gray out to indicate that it is hidden. Click ‘Save Changes’ to update this info.


Once you’ve reordered your platforms, scroll back up and click the ‘Generate Link & Embed Code’ button to embed your website.

For help with embedding, see How do I embed my Web Support Portal?