Many companies have multiple brands and apps and want to create specific support experiences for each one. Creating separate support channels for each of your apps will ensure that users see support emails coming from an app-appropriate email address. It will also enable you to easily create Automations based on which app is referenced in a given Issue.

Let’s say your company, Demo, Inc, has two apps, DemoLand and DemoWorld. If one of your users writes in via the web form or email, then you want to make sure that the branding stays consistent for each app. Branded email allows you to easily set up each unique experience so an email to or receives an email response from the address originally written to. This prevents user confusion, since a response coming from a company name the user may not recognize can cause confusion.

Before setting up branded email channels, please note that manually forwarding emails to these separate channels will not work. You will need to set up forwarding rules in your settings per the steps below to successfully route these emails.

To set up separately branded email channels, proceed as follows:

1. Navigate to Settings > Support Settings > Email Support, where you will see the ‘Email Support Channels’ section

2. Click the ‘Add Channel’ button to configure your email settings for each app or brand

The fields available for configuration are as follows:

  • From Name: What your user will see in their email message as the name. Also, you can use a Text Template in this field.
  • From Email: The email address visible to the user where they can reply back.
  • Auto-Response Message: The auto-response message that will be sent to any web form or email associated with DemoWorld, including any forwarding addresses. Also, you can use a Text Template to send a response in the Issue language.
  • Associate Issues with App: The app you want this branding to be associated to via web form or email
  • Forwarding Addresses (Optional): Associate variations or similar email addresses to have the same brand and name/email

As a note, when a web or email Issue doesn’t match any of the apps or forwarding addresses in other channels, the default email support channel is used when sending email replies to your customers. Your default support address is set up like this: It can be found by navigating to Settings > Support Settings > Email Support and looking for the word ‘default’ under ‘Email Support Channels’.

To learn how to customize emails for different channels, see How do I create engaging branding for my support emails?