We released v.7.5.0 for iOS and Android on March 25th, 2019 (View Release Notes), and want to inform you about important changes that will be part of the release.

Helpshift recommends you to share this information with your developers so that they are aware and prepared for this release.

All SDKs and Plugins will contain two versions

All SDKs and Plugins including native iOS, native Android, Unity, Cocos2dx and Xamarin will contain two versions:

  • v7.5.0: a lighter version without Campaigns
  • v7.5.0-withCampaigns: a version with Campaigns for customers who are currently using it

When integrating with v7.5.0, your developers will need to make the following changes:

SDK v7.5.0 Enhancements

  • A new rich element — long list picker — which allows end users to select one option from the given list of options. It displays upto 500 options in the list. This element will be used by Custom Bots if the list of options is greater than 5.
  • Developers will be able to set minimum characters limit on user’s first message via SDK configuration.
  • CSAT UX update:
    • It allows you to edit the CSAT feedback during the optional comment step before submitting CSAT ratings.
    • You can now add hint text for all 5 CSAT ratings separately.
  • Developers will be able to prefill text for the first user message in conversational issue filing flow using the Conversation Prefill Text API.

Support for iOS 10 and above only

SDK v.7.5.0 will not support iOS 9 or lower. This is to ensure that we are able to give best possible experience to the majority of your users (iOS 10/11/12). If you currently support iOS 9 users and want to continue supporting them, you can continue using SDK v.7.4.0 or below until you discontinue support for iOS 9 users.

Another option is to use the Web Contact us form for your iOS 9 users and provide in-app support using v7.5.0 for iOS 10/11/12 users.

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Migrated to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

As you might already be aware, GCM server and client APIs are deprecated by Google and will be removed by April 11, 2019. From SDK v.7.5.0+, Helpshift will drop support for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), and align with their migration to Firebase Cloud Messaging. This means that you will not be able to use GCM push notifications with Helpshift v7.5.0 SDK and above.

FOR UNITY CUSTOMERS ONLY: Gradle support for Helpshift Unity SDK  

We are excited to announce that we are moving towards the industry standard and making our Unity integration much simpler with Gradle Support. For the next Unity release, your developers will need to do a one-time re-integration of Unity SDK for your Android apps. Stay tuned for more details.

Not using Gradle builds for your Unity app? Feel free to contact our Support Team to learn about other options.