You’ll notice that if one of your end users uninstalls and then reinstalls your app on the same device, their previous in-app conversation is still available when they reach out to contact your support team.

Helpshift is designed to be fully refreshed once reinstalled so your users don’t lose their last conversation. This is helpful in cases where an Agent may have instructed them to uninstall and reinstall your app to resolve a bug. We don’t want the user to lose touch with the Agent who instructed them to do so.

However, we can’t guarantee that a conversation can always be restored. There are some cases where it may start a new conversation instead of restoring the open one.

To make sure a conversation is restored for an end user who has uninstalled and reinstalled your app, please direct your developers to update your SDK to use the Login API. Have them review our developer documentation for iOS and Android to make this change.

Alternatively, they can use the loginWithIdentifier API. Please note that this API is set to be deprecated in mid-2019. They can review our developer documentation on multi-login for iOS and Android.