A custom bot can use a variety of languages while engaging with your brand’s end-users.

This flexibility is possible because some bot step types support consuming text templates and variables.

  • Text templates are a Helpshift feature for brands to organize, store, and work with snippets of translated text.

  • Variables are how you can inject personalized details into a message, such as an end-user’s first name.


You can recognize exactly which bot step types support text templates because they all show:

  • one or more text-entry fields
  • a small, blue button in these text-entry fields, which — in showing the letter “A” above an ideogram as its icon — represents translation as a general concept

TIP: Whenever your pointer lingers above this button, its tooltip says, “Insert Text Template.”

Wherever you see the Insert Text Template button, you can click it to choose a text template and use it in your bot step.

The specific bot step types that include any text-entry fields — and therefore support text templates — are as follows.

  • Send a Message
  • Get Information from User
  • End Conversation Flow
  • Send AI-powered FAQ(s)

NOTE: Other bot step types do not include any text fields.