If you’re having issues with your Android push notifications, please review the following troubleshooting points.

NOTE: Android push notifications behave differently than iOS push notifications when the app is open in the background. While in iOS, push notifications will appear as banners when the app is backgrounded, in Android, the notifications will populate in the “drawer” but not show a banner.

  • Have you enabled push notifications for this app on your devices?
  • Are your app API keys correct for the Android platform?
  • Did they use this developer documentation to configure push notifications, and double checked that your setup matches?
  • Is your GCM code input properly as per our developer documentation on the subject?

If you’re seeing this after upgrading from SDK version 3x to 4x, have you made sure to use this developer documentation that mentions the renamed push delegate, changed from Helpshift.handlePush(…); to Core.handlePush(…);?