When an in-app user submits a new Issue, any metadata that the developers have set up is pulled in with the Issue. If any of the information changes while the Issue is open, such as if the end user updates their version of the app, the metadata associated with the Issue won’t update because it’s associated with the Issue creation. This metadata is intended to serve as a snapshot of the time that the user created the Issue.

The metadata associated with an Issue can be found by navigating to the Metadata tab in the Issue details pane.

To review updated metadata, you can either close the Issue and have the user submit a new Issue, or ask the user if they have updated their information. Please note that the device information will not update if your user continues a previous Issue thread by responding ‘No’ to the resolution question. This essentially reopens the Issue instead of starting a new one.

To prevent the Issue from reopening if the user selects ‘No’ in their response, Helpshift’s SDK gives you the option to disable the resolution question of ‘Did we answer all your questions? Yes or No’. When your Agent resolves an Issue, your end user will not see the resolution question and only be able to start a new conversation.

Please see our developer documentation on setting the showConversationResolutionQuestion flag in iOS and Android.