When resolving an Issue, you can use the ‘Send Review Request’ function to prompt your user to review your app in the app store before the Issue is closed.

Please note the following:

  • This functionality is only available for in-app communications, and not for web and email
  • The Issue must still be open
  • You must add your store review URL via Settings > App Settings > select your app > App Review URLs prior to using this feature

To request a review, proceed as follows:

1. Navigate to the Issues feed by clicking the Issues icon in the left navigation bar.

2. Click the Issue to open up the Issue Details panel. From there, click the three dots at the bottom to open up additional options, then click ‘Send Review Request’.


3. Once you click this button, a notification will appear within the in-app chat interface confirming that the user has received the request to review the app.


To find and copy your Review URL to share with web users, see How do I find my review URL for iOS and Android?