The name of your Help Section (Helpshift FAQs) is just as important as where you place it. You’ll want to make sure that the user’s expectation is met when they click on the link.

For example: If you use ‘Help’ for your section, but your user only wants to give you feedback, then they will not know where to submit feedback. That user may not need help with using your app, they may only want to send you feedback.

Here are some recommended names and the corresponding user expectations:

There are some situations where you may want to alter the names listed above. Here are some other names for your Help section if your priority is:

Issue Deflection

  • Help
  • Support
  • FAQs

User Experience

  • Customer Care
  • Contact Support
  • Support Chat

For guidance on where to place your ‘Help’ icon, see Where will the Helpshift option appear in my app? To see what Helpshift looks like from the user perspective, see What does the in-app support experience look like for a user?