You may notice that the number of resolved Issues listed in your Power BI Dashboard is different from the one listed in your Helpshift Analytics, such as the following screenshots.

This is because the Issues Resolved metric is measured differently within Power BI and Helpshift Analytics.

  • In Helpshift Analytics, it is the number of Resolved events that were received that month. Essentially, it is a “historical snapshot”.
  • In Power BI, it is the number of Issues that were Resolved in that month that are still Resolved. It is the “current snapshot”.

For example, if an Issue was ‘Resolved’ in July, but was re-opened later and is Open now, it will be counted as Resolved in Helpshift Analytics, but not in Power BI. This is why you may see a discrepancy between these two metrics.

For a complete list of which metrics may vary between Helpshift and Power BI, see Why are certain metrics in Power BI different from the ones in Helpshift Analytics?