You may notice that certain metrics within your Helpshift Analytics page and Power BI dashboard do not match, despite having the same name. This is because some metrics are calculated differently in each of these platforms.

Note: Users with a Microsoft Power BI Pro license can create workspaces, with a maximum of 10 GB of data storage each. As a result, Helpshift Template Apps does not allow you to load data for more than 180 days and to exceed the total usage beyond 10 GB. Whereas, in the Helpshift  Analytics Dashboard, there is no such limitation. Therefore, you can observe some minor differences in the Power BI and Helpshift Dashboard metrics.

We are working to update our reporting tools to ensure that these metrics will match up in the future. In the meantime, we’ve provided a list of metrics that may appear differently along with information on how each metric is calculated.

For additional information on how the Resolved Issues metric is calculated, see Why is the ‘Resolved Issues’ count in Power BI different from the one in Helpshift Analytics?