You can have bots communicate a queue estimated wait time so that the user has appropriate expectations for when an agent will respond when transitioning to a human agent. In this case, we are configuring a bot message experience.
To configure the bot message experience, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Bots section and click on edit to make changes in existing bot. You can also create a new bot, review How to create a custom bot?

  2. Estimated Wait Time can be used as a placeholder in a bot message in any of the following steps:
    Get Information from User
    Send a message
    End Conversation Flow

    Click on the placeholders option to view the list of available placeholders.

    You can use estimated wait time placeholder directly without using text template as below.

    You can also use estimated wait time placeholder as a part of text template as below.

    If you want to use text templates in the bot messages, you can please review this article for How to use placeholder within text template.

    As a result, the end-user will see the below screen as per your configuration: