In SDK X, you can have control over the user’s language experience across Help Center and Chat functionality for each of your App.

Steps to set preferred languages

Follow the steps given below to select App supported languages:

  1. On the Helpshift toolbar, click Settings.

  2. Then, in the navigation pane, scroll to the APP SETTINGS area and click on App for which you want to make changes. The selected app settings page opens.

  3. On App settings page, scroll to the Supported Language sections and click + Languages.

    The language selection dropdown list opens.

  4. Search for the specific languages from the dropdown list and click to add.

    Similarly, you can add more than one languages using the above step. Please refer the article for Supported Languages.

How it works?

Following is the order of priority in which a language can be set for a conversation:

  • Developer set language passed in the SDK. Please refer to developer documentation here.

  • Device language

  • Fallback language (English)

Note: Helpshift supports English as the fallback language. Currently there is no ability to configure it.

Predict: This is the only feature that works on the automatic language detection of user's first message.


We highly recommend you to select the relevant languages for your App users under the App Settings.