Attachments can be asked as a part of the “Get information from user” step in custom bots as can be seen in the below screenshot.
Note: Only SDK version 10.3.0 and above will support multiple attachments capability in a custom bot step.
By default, the respective app-level attachment settings of each app will apply in this step. If there are no customized settings for an app then the global attachment settings will apply. A maximum of 10 files will be accepted in a step, and each file size limit is up to 20 MB. The attachments step will ask for input if the user is on SDK X or webchat. To support users on lower SDK versions, the admin can create optional fallback steps as shown in the screenshot below.
If the optional fallback step is not created by the admin the default system behavior will take over. The default system behavior is to end the conversation with the bot and assign the issue back to the queue. Preview is going to show the bot flow for the latest SDK (SDK X) and webchat-supported features. Within the preview flow, the flow with the attachments step will be shown and not ‘Step not shown’.