In Helpshift, an 'issue' is the record of an end-user's request for support, and of everything that occurred as a result of their request. Other people may call this a 'ticket' or a 'support case,' but we call it an 'issue.'        

Your customer service agents, their supervisors, and your Helpshift administrators can use the features of Agent Dashboard  to view and engage with an issue all throughout its lifecycle.      

There are four ways for an end-user to create an issue. They can:  

  • request support via in-app features that an SDK integration powers.          
  • request support by sending an email message to your support address.
  • request support via the ‘Contact Us’ form on your web support portal.
  • request support via the Chat button on the Helpshift toolbar.

Conceptually, an issue is also:

  • a logical basis for automation, segmentation, routing, and assignment.
  • a unit of measurement for metered monthly account billing.